• [A Unique Cabinet Door for Easy Collection] There is a cabinet door on the main body for easy collection and you can catch the herb without opening the whole part. Moreover, you can collect fine particles with the provided scraper that helps reduce waste in the bottom catcher.
  • [Solid and Sturdy Construction] Crafted with premium zinc alloy, this 4-layer and 3-chamber designed herb grinder ensures optimal performance and exceptional durability for constant use.
  • [Efficient Grinding and Filtering] There are up to 30 sharp teeth on the top layer and 24 sharp teeth on the second layer for crushing dry herbs smoothly and efficiently. The metal fine mesh screen filter separates the chunky herbs from the finer particles.
  • [Secure Fit] Magnetic lid helps hold in place and ensures tight closure during grinding. Textured grooves on top and bottom layers enable you control the fineness of the grind.
  • [Compact and Portable] (2in Diameter x2.4in Height) This grinder is compact and lightweight for easy storage and carrying. Simply twist the top back and forth for several times, you can enjoy meals with ease by adding your favorite flavor.

Details: Description:
Do you want to add the favorite flavor to your routine diets? Do you want to get a lovely tool that helps you grind herbs quickly and efficiently? This premium grinder will be a perfect solution for you. With such a cute tool, you could enjoy cooking, eating and drinking. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned chef, this herb grinder has the simplicity and practicality to create the perfect kitchen creations.

Powerful Magnetic Lid
Our grinder ensures incredible closure with the strong magnetic lid. Effectively prevent the lid from falling off easily while you are grinding.

Sharp Metal Teeth
Unlike those grinders with merely fifteen or twelve teeth on the market, our grinder has up to 30 sharp teeth on the top layer and 24 sharp teeth on the second layer. It can efficiently and smoothly grind up your herbs into smaller sizes and thus release more flavor.

Metal Mesh Screen
The metal mesh screen filters the fine particles of herbs well into the bottom catcher. High quality mesh screen won't get rusty easily.

A Scraper Included
The pollen catcher has appropriate capacity to meet your daily demand. With the provided scraper, it is easy for you to gather and clean any remaining pollen out of the grinder.

Product Dimension: 2×2.4 inches
Material: Zinc Alloy
Color: Black

Package Included:
1 × Herb Grinder
1 × Pollen Scraper

Package Dimensions: 2.6 x 2.1 x 2.0 inches

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