• [Sharp and Durable] The 4-layer 3-chamber gun color Spice Herb Grinder is made by high quality zinc alloy. It has 24 upper teeth and 28 lower teeth which are razor-shaped, sharp and solid, fully grinding spice, herb. The magnet in the lid helps teeth to grind and reduces spilling.
  • [Convenient Chamber Door]With the chamber door in the side, you can dump out cut tobacco directly from the side without open the grinder. A pollen scraper is attached.
  • [Transparent Lid and Chamber] Since the top and parts of the side are made from transparent material, the grinding process is visible from outside. No need to constantly open the lid to check.
  • [Wide Use]IKICH spice herb Spice Herb Grinder is used for grinding tobacco before smoking and grinding different kinds of spices in the kitchen. While it is not suitable for seed or spice with hard shell.
  • [Simple and Sleek] 2.4×2.4×2.7in/6.2×6.2×6.9cm.This spice herb Spice Herb Grinder is proper in size and convenient to carry. With simple design and smooth figure, it fits the elegance and quality of your modern life.

Details: IKICH spice herb Spice Herb Grinder is purposed-built to shred dry herbs, spices and collect pollen.

Herb Grinding Could be Easier
This Spice Herb Grinder is not only elegant and stylish in appearance but also humanized in design. Some special improvements are applied to simply the grinding process and strengthen the effectiveness.
Magnetized lid: Help teeth to grind and reduces spilling.
Thin poly O-ring: smooths grinding and reduces friction.
Transparent lid and chamber: Look over grinding process.
Chamber door: directly dump out cut herb from the door.

How to Use
1. Add herb into the top chamber.
2. Twist the lid to grind.
3. Open the bottom chamber and collect pollen
4. Open the chamber door to dump out cut herb
Note: Please don't grind spice with hard shell by the herb grinder.

Spice Herb Grinder material: zinc alloy
Pollen scraper: plastic
Size: 2.4×2.4×2.7in/6.2×6.2×6.9cm

Package Contents
Spice Herb Grinder ×1
Pollen Scraper ×1

Package Dimensions: 3.0 x 2.7 x 2.3 inches

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