We thought we figured out the best way to cook chicken wings in the oven and the deep fryer. It wasn’t until we tried our cooking our first batch of air fried chicken wings that we were proven wrong. Wow, these air fryer chicken wings are incredible. These wings were quick to air fry and best of all, there wasn’t any need for oil. They come out perfectly cooked with a nice crispy crust and when the sauce is added, the flavors are outstanding. Everything about these wings were fantastic and there really is one downfall. The one bad thing about this technique is that they are so easy to eat because they’re so easy to make. Beware. Don’t eat them as fast as you can cook them! In comparing the different ways to cook chicken wings, we still love traditional frying for plain wings, the crust just can’t be beat. But if you are going to sauce the wings, Air Fryer all the way. We won’t even bother cooking them in the oven after Air Frying them. The Air Fried chicken wings have a better texture, cook quicker, and is an easier cleanup.

Here’s our: Jerk Chicken Wings recipe


If you haven’t discovered the amazing cooking benefits to using the air fryer, you should give it a chance. Previously we wrote about cooking with the air fryer, along with pros and cons. From salmon and air fryer pork chops to vegetables like brussel sprouts and cauliflower, the air fryer cooks them perfectly. Air frying chicken wings has the same terrific results. With your favorite sauces handy, the possibilities are endless when you’re craving chicken wings. Whether you want to have a big wing spread for your next Game Day party or just wings for two eaters, the air fryer can do the job. For larger group, you’ll just need to cook in batches. But because the wings cook so quick, it’s totally fine to cook in batches. You’ll always have a hot and crispy batch ready for the hungry eaters.

Try these sauces on Air Fryer chicken wings: our sticky honey garlic sauce, easy honey mustard sauce (photo above) or  Vietnamese Fish sauce wings. All our chicken wing recipes are perfect for Super Bowl or Game Day parties.


Size matters, especially if you’re needing to feed a family of four to six hungry people.
We’re mostly cooking for two during the busy weeknights and the 3 qt size fryers is great for us.
If you’re wondering what size of air fryer to get, our recommendation is the 3-4 qt sizes for 2-3 people (or if you don’t mind cooking multiple batches) and the 5-6 qt for families of 4-6 (you’ll still cook somethings in batches, but not as much as the smaller air fryers).

 OMORC 5.8 qt.  Air Fryer – This is a good larger air fryer. Great for cooking bigger batches (ie 4 salmon fillets instead of 2 or 2 lbs of fries instead of 1). This is a nice choice for families & hearty eaters.

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