OMORC Kitchen is always dedicated to providing you with better and more convenient kitchen life solutions. Make cooking easier through the upgrading technology and user-friendly products. At present, OMORC continues to expand in the field of healthy diet appliances with new products emerging in an endless stream.


The main products include air fryers, sous vide cookers, vacuum blenders, juicers, slow juicers, electric pressure cookers, induction cookers, food processors, rice cookers and many other products. At OMORC Kitchen, culinary inspiration is always within reach,  having something for every level of home chef aspiring to delicious creativity.


In the future, OMORC will locate in kitchens, upgrade kitchens, use modern technology to create smart, smoke-free, open kitchens, create more healthy, convenient and stylish dishes, and develop OMORC as the preferred brand for smart kitchens. OMORC, creating a healthy life!