Anthony IKICH - June 10 2020


Tips for using the IKICH ice maker

1. Before using the ice maker, clean it totally. (tip: Before the first use, settle down the refrigerant of the ice maker for four hour. )

2. Open the lid, take out the ice basket and pour water into the water tank. The water should be under the water line. Then, put back the ice basket and close the lid.

3. Press the “ON/OFF” button on the control panel to start making ices.

4. Press “SELECT” to choose the size of ices.

5. The ice making period of one batch lasts 6-15 minutes, depending on the size of ices and indoor temperature.

6. When the ice basket is full of ices, the “ICE FULL” indicator light will be on. WARNING: The infrared sensor may fail to work if it’s exposed to direct sunlight or sunlight reflection. Please move the ice maker to a shadow.

7. If the water pump is lacking water, the ice maker will stop automatically with the “ADD WATER” indicator light on. Press “ON/OFF” button to turn off the ice maker. Then, add water up to MAX water line and turn on the ice maker by pressing the “ON/OFF” button. Before rebooting, rest the refrigerant of the compressor at least 3 minutes.

8. Change water in the water tank every 24 hours to guarantee hygiene or prevent blocked tube from influencing the ice making. If you don’t use the ice maker, drain out the water and wipe it up.


1. Before use, please read the user manual carefully and keep it well for future reference.

2. Before first using, please settle down the ice maker for 2-6 hours (Usually, 4 hours is enough) before switching on the power and using. Leave the ice maker at least 4 in/10cm away from any obstructions.

3. The effect of ice making varies with water temperature and ambient temperature. It is suggested to put the machine in a cool and ventilated place, which will greatly improve the ice producing capacity.

4. Please use potable water and do not use cola or other juice or add food coloring to make ice. It will damage the machine.

5. The ice maker is insulated and by definition not a freezer. The ice will not be frozen in the machine. Please use it asap or shift to your freezer. Even if not used, rest assured that the ice will melt into water and continue to make ice.

6. The ice maker must be grounded, and do not tilt the ice maker.

7. When the ice maker will be lain idle for a long time, drain out the water and keep it dry.

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